TouchTunes Virtuo

Superior design, a rich user experience, powerful, rugged and operator-friendly define the Virtuo Jukebox. TouchTunes is bringing this revolutionary experience to a new generation. This new design features a 26 inch HD widescreen ideal for viewing and user interaction as well as rim and wall wash light shows to generate the right atmosphere. The new user interface is engaging, intuitive and fun bringing you breakthrough smart search technology. The convenience of programmed music collections and playlists, a viewable play queue showing what plays next and an integrated music recommender together create an enhanced user experience that is unmatched. The fanless computer, remote diagnostics, easy access and ease of installation offers you a powerful, sophisticated and operator-friendly device sure to get the party started.



  • Print, share by email or post to social media from the jukebox
  • Use frames and effects for holidays, music or special occasions
  • Easy switching from jukebox to PhotoBooth while the music continues to play
  • Branding opportunities on the photos for advertisers
  • With over 6,000 jukeboxes in North America you can locate a PhotoBooth nearest you


  • Use the mobile app to select songs, read lyrics, applaud and sign up to sing
  • Features fully licensed song books that are continually updated
  • Follow along with the lyrics and see who’s up next on the big screen
  • Karaoke shuffle game with a candid camera for singers who chicken out

TouchTunes Virtuo Jukebox