TouchTunes Angelina

A New Standard For Design, Performance, Serviceability and Value

With clean lines, a distinct white rim light and a “floating” appearance, Angelina is instantly recognizable. Projects a large presence while only requiring 24”of horizontal wall space. Innovative algorithms accurately visualize the music’s rhythm and beat, creating an all-new energy and depth to the lightshow. Customizable, four-zone wall-wash lighting lets you pick from pre-set color combinations or create your own. Unique top visualizer flows with the music and gets noticed. Choose the visualizer pattern and color that’s right for each venue.

Breakthrough Operator Efficiency

  • The industry’s first no-wire, component-to-component design with snap-in part replacement changes the game for in-venue support, reducing both service times and inventory needs.
  • Minimized wiring nearly eliminates a major source of jukebox failure.
  • All new, installer-friendly bracket and lightweight reinforced aluminum chassis enables single-person installation while providing the strength and robustness venues need.

More Value For You

  • Angelina is built to sustain performance into the future and is powered to run more efficiently on today’s busy networks.
  • Powerful and Upgradable. Angelina boasts a powerful, fanless architecture that runs cooler and allows for easy chipset upgrades in the future. Cooler components generally last longer.
  • Best-in-class electrical, mechanical and durability testing by Intertek to ensure the highest level of reliability.

TouchTunes Angelina

Integrated Photobooth Draws A Crowd

With the touch of a button, Playdium transforms into an interactive photo booth that inspires your customers to be spontaneous. TouchTunes PhotoBooth draws a crowd and adds a new dimension of fun!


Play The Jukebox Without Leaving Your Seat

The TouchTunes mobile app empowers patrons to enjoy TouchTunes music without ever having to leave their seat! With millions of users, the app is loaded with fun features that help you stay relevant and connect with today’s mobile-centric consumer. You can even create custom welcome messages that customers see on their phone when they check in to your jukebox.

Control music with Mobile App