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We carry the NEW Galaxy 3 Electronic Dart Boards. These advanced and innovative boards allow players to challenge rivals, friends and family from all over the state, nation or world at any location with a G3 Dart Board. With endless opportunities for head-to-head play, these new boards are sure to spark your competitive edge and get you in on the action.

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Features include

  • Online casual and league game play
  • Worldwide player rankings and stats
  • Arachnid’s fully integrated league system, including compatibility with all their league support products
  • Reversible boards including both 15″ and 13″ targets
  • New games, graphics, sounds and featured animations
  • Attractive full-color LED illumination
  • Full slate of 01 and Cricket games, including all your Arachnid favorites

Featuring the NEW Galaxy 3 Dart Boards from Arachnid

Play anyone in the world!